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How to Change Kohler Taboret Handles

2-swirl_square_hdl The second most popular handle replacement we sell is the Kohler Taboret series that has 4 different handle that were available – square, swirl, lever and the infamous T-handle. Regardless of which handle you have the Kohler Taboret faucet series is still produced today and still a classic.

If you just want to change your look and Do-it-for-Less, keep your existing Taboret faucet and only change the handles. You won’t have to change any plumbing and there will be no mess. All Kohler Taboret handles are interchangeable and can be changed at anytime. Below the descriptions I show detailed diagrams of the parts described, click on the images to enlarge at anytime.

2-lever_t_hdl Here is a brief description on how to change the Square and Swirl Handles for the lavatory, kitchen, 2-handle bath + shower, deck-mount bath/whirlpool fillers and bidet faucets. 1) Hold on to the handle while turning the skirt counter-clockwise by hand or with a strap wrench, taking care to protect all finish surfaces. 2) Remove any remaining components to expose the valve. 3) Set all parts aside for reuse. 4) Replace the parts in reverse order.

For the Lever or Tee Handles: 1) Remove the end caps from both ends of the lever turning counterclockwise by hand or with a strap wrench, taking care to protect all finish surfaces. 2) Remove the setscrews from inside the handle with a 1/8″ hex key. 3) Lift off the center post exposing the screw. Remove the Philips screw and any remaining components to expose the valve. 4) Re-assemble the handle parts in reverse order.

If you want more information on this faucet Contact Me or order directly at 4-handles_wide-2

1 comment to How to Change Kohler Taboret Handles

  • Rod Chu

    I have a slightly different Kohler faucet and had to figure out how to remove it. The Kohler website and forums are really unhelpful! I discovered how to remove this faucet (both sink and shower): Hold the faucet lever. Grab and twist the skirt under the lever and twist clockwise (as looking down at the handle). If it’s tight, try using a rubber jar opener to loosen it. If really tight, use a strap wrench (I found one at Sears for under $6) to loosen. Spin the skirt clockwise until the lever is released. That exposes a Phillips head screw. Remove it to expose the underlying valve/assembly.

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