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To Kohler or not To Kohler - Where is Kohler Made?

I was reading Terry Love’s Plumbing & Remodel DIY forum where the thread was “To Kohler (Faucets) or not to Kohler…” and the statement was; “for a new house. Kohler seemed a natural choice since I live in IL, but I’ve since learned not all of it is manufactured here.”

This was an interesting concept that the largest privately held manufacturing company in this country (the USA) is still manufacturing ALL of its products here in the US. I knew during the time I was a Kohler distributor the Fleur series was being imported from Jacob Delafon, Kohler’s plant in France, acquired in 1986. Kohler was in business 113 years before purchasing their first company oversees. That’s a pretty good production run of “Made in the USA” since there were companies in the 70′s starting to import from Japan. Still in 1958 and 1975 Kohler built enormous plants in Spartanburg South Carolina and Brownwood Texas – investing billions in the manufacturing in this country.
The only other product line I remember is the Kohler Cygnet series that were imported from Germany. The company was unknown at the time but the boxes that Cygnet came in were labeled “Crafted in Germany” – I guess in Germany they didn’t manufacture as we do, they “Craft.” I remember back in the 90′s was the first time we had Wellworth toilets arrive at our warehouse labeled “Made in China.” I remember some discussions where truckloads of these Wellworth’s were delivered to commercial job-sites and were refused, as the toilets specified for the project were to be made in USA. I don’t know the truth to that, but I know shortly after the wholesale distributors started receiving Wellworth’s made in USA and the “Big Boxes” – Lowe’s and Home Depot were shipped those made in China.


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